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How shall this bosom multiplied digest the senate’s courtesy?  Let deeds express what’s like to be their words: 
'We did request it, we are the greater poll, and in true fear they gave us our demands'

Holy mother of god….this is my fave part of my fave sequence of my fave Tom performance……I’m mush….

I watched this again tonight and I’m still awed by the amount of rage he was able to summon time and time again. It must of been exhausting and emotionally draining. I’m also amazed he didn’t blow his voice out; he did a lot of screaming.

I love they way Brutus (Elliot Levey) looks at him on the 7th gif. You sly little thing…

Don’t get me started on Coriolanus (seriously, I have to leave for work in half an hour and I haven’t started getting ready yet) - but can I just be the shameless fangirl here and comment on how BULKY Tom got for the show? I’m still in awe of the muscle he put on in preparation, and how amazing he looked….not that he doesn’t still look amazing now, lol

Why yes marsbert, you can comment on that. He is an imposing presence on stage anyway, but the extra bulk added nicely to it. He looked delicious.

rogue347 I so agree with you. Seeing him fly into a rage like this was shocking and wildly arousing, not gonna lie. That moment in the first gif…I don’t think I have ever heard him roar like this before. Makes you not only concerned for his voice, but it’s also a wonder he didn’t pop a vessel or something. Look at his throat! Holy shit! He made the rafters of the theatre rattle. 

missviolethunter I also love Cominius’ and Menenius’ looks in the eighth gif. They both with he would just shut up so much. Heh.

'Loki is the bad guy. He is the most charming bad guy. He is elegant, he is powerful, he is a player, but also has a broken heart. It’s a bit tragic because the family is divided. He is angry and jealous and greedy, but finally, I think, deep down, Loki loves his brother.’

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